Chronic Illnesses: Opporunities Found Within the Challenges
Included here are articles, letters, inspirations, ideas on what works (and what does not) in dealing with the challenges that an ongoing illness presents
Please Read this Important Disclaimer
I would like you to understand that in some of these stories a person is writing about what worked for them. They are sharing that information, passing it along. Any advice given in the article should be taken as interesting information, which may or may not work for you. Everyone is a little (or a lot) different. Body chemistry can widely vary. 
I recommend that you talk about any substance or supplement that you are interested in trying with your physician. You don't want any unwanted chemical reaction(s) to take place because of your medical condition or medicines that you are taking. I cannot take any responsibility for any reaction or result of employing any methods or techniques here. I am mostly interested in conveying that you should be involved in cultivating a good attitude and be open to discover if there are resources available that may be curative or helpful.
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